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why the inputform closes

first post: eliaspizarro wrote: reproduce: 1- put a notificacion message with your template into fo...

latest post: eliaspizarro wrote: Just made a workaround, but only temporal ``` Private Sub life...

How to make it go upper?

first post: Guiman04 wrote: Hi there. I'd like to know how do I configure it to go a bit higher...

latest post: Guiman04 wrote: Don't bother, I've just figure that out. It's by modifying which v...

Is this from the Krypton Toolkit?

first post: UtilityBuilder wrote: Or did you design this yourself. I noticed the dll was krypton tool...

latest post: brandonio21 wrote: Yes, The design of this Notifier is from the Krypton Toolkit.

How do we add this to our project ?

first post: jjmpsp wrote: How do we add this to our project in visual studio ?

latest post: UtilityBuilder wrote: This is really cool!

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